Este es tu resultado

¡Felicidades!, has superado el test, tu nivel corresponde a C1
Según el resultado del test tu nivel de B2

#1. What do you think about ____ a course online?

#2. ____ I talked to Sarah and she said the same thing.

#3. If we ____ each other, we wouldn’t have this problem.

#4. Don’t forget to ____

#5. He ____ have come to the conference, if you had invited him.

#6. Despite ____ so cold, he went for a swim.

#7. Will you ____ the problem for me, please? I’m fed up!

#8. I have ____ for you: eat healthy and keep fit.

#9. I can’t believe she ____ I am so disappointed.

#10. We owe our friends a huge ____ of gratitude for all the help they have given us throughout the years.

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